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Where are the Refash offline stores located?

How do I become a Refash member?

How does the membership work?

How do I accumulate points?

What kind of benefits does a Refash member have?

Is trying of clothes allowed in the stores?

What is your exchange policy?

Selling (Cleanout Walk-in Application)

How do I sell at REFASH Malaysia? How does it work?

What is the form of payment will be given (cash or voucher) ? Will there be a minimum purchase in the T & C of the shopping vouchers?

What items does Refash accept?

How many pieces of items can I bring in at one time?

Are there any preferred brands for REFASH? Can I still send in items that are not in the preferred brands list?

What will happen to my rejected items?

Can you courier the items back to me if I reject your offer?

I am in a rush, can you give me a quotation right now? If no, how am I going to be notified of the quotation?

Can I have a break down of the vouchers payout according to the accepted items?

Why do I get low offers for expensive items?

I want to retrieve a few items back from my accepted items, am I allowed to do so?

Can I reject your offer and take back my items?

Selling (Consignment Basis)

How can I sell at Refash Malaysia by using consignment basis?

Are there any fees for selling my items at Refash?

How do I drop-off my items at Refash?

How many pieces of items can I deposit or top-up at once?

Can I still send in items that are not in your preferred brands list?

Can I change my voucher preference for payout?

How long does it take for my items to start selling at Refash?

Who will decide the selling price of the items? Can I decide my own selling price?

Where will my items be sold?

What will happen to my rejected items?

What happens to items that are not sold after 60 days?

Can I withdraw my unsold items?

How do I check my sales?

Why are there negative sales in my account?

How do I request for my payout?

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